The new Profi, a romanian store

The new Profi, a romanian store


The new Profi, a store concept inaugurated in September 2020, is expanding more and more in the territory. On the 15th August, the Profi Loco store in Savarsin reopens, this time in the new format.

“Today’s inauguration, honored by the presence of Her Majesty Margareta, the custodian of the Romanian crown, confirms the appreciation that our stores enjoy throughout the country, as well as the fact that the new Profi reaches more and more rural localities, bringing here the comfort already usual in big cities,” said Profi CEO Pawel Musial.

The products on sale in the new Profi format are part of an improved version of the previous range, they are well lit, exposed more visibly and more accessible, with the local products much better represented in order to give the locals their favorite tastes. In its new form, with a pleasant, welcoming and relaxing colorful ambiance, the store in Savarsin was added a FiiGO area with pre-packaged products and bakery baked in the store, but also with a coffee corner spot with hot dogs, grills, pizza, fresh fruits, coffee and cakes, along with other products already familiar with the Profi loco customers.

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Profi carries out its activity exclusively in Romania and is headquartered in Timisoara. Its decisions are made entirely in this country, by an almost entirely Romanian management, which contributes significantly to the success of this network that takes pride the fact that it is a Romanian company.

The products it sells come in proportion of over 93% from suppliers in Romania. Through its Fresh from us program the network supports the agriculture of this country and opens wide access of the fine production of local farmers to the more than one million customers who shop at Profi every day. Agri agronomists advise the farmers enrolled in this program, provide them with valuable information about what shoppers want.

Through field trips and laboratory tests, they make sure that farmers follow production cycles exactly and that they apply fertilizers in the recommended quantities. The resulting products have an exceptional quality and food safety is guaranteed. In turn, the more than 90 farmers currently enrolled in the program are guaranteed that their crops are fully purchased and can plan a steady growth of their businesses.

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With over 25,000 employees and almost 1,500 stores in 675 localities, of which over 400 are rural Profi loco stores, Profi is the modern retail network with the largest expansion in Romania and the largest private employer.

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