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  1. Request for advertising on
    Hey There,

    I really like your blog- and if you are agreeable, I’d like to include it in a database of websites I sent to my clients looking for guest posting opportunities.

    However, I would need a bit more information from you first!

    1. What is your editorial fee to post an article ?
    2. What types of links are acceptable? Do-follow or no-follow ?
    3. Are you OK with adult/gambling/marijuana links?
    4.Do you add disclosures/sponsored tags or you can avoid this?

    I will send payment via PayPal or another payment provider by special agreement.

    In addition, if you manage any other websites I might be interested in – any language or niche – please send me the details, as above.

    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Kind Regards,
    Veselina Dzhingarova

  2. importam cartofi din germania,Polonia,Franza, de cè nu folosim cartofi din Romania,SONT MAI SCUMPE CA IN ALTRE ZARILE,la angrosist cconvine sa cumpera din afara,nu de la fermieri din Covasna


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